Which uPrompt is right for you?

uPrompt comes in two distinct versions, Home and Professional. The major difference between the two is that Professional is designed for studio use. Studio teleprompters are typically mounted under the camera lens and have the script reflected off a 45 degree mirror mounted in front of the lens. Because the script is reflected, the text needs to be both flipped horizontally and vertically. uPrompt professional has that capability. uPrompt Professional also has the capability to display the script on 2 screens simultaneously. This even allows one person to control the script from a laptop or desktop and have the flipped text appear on the second monitor located under the camera lens.

uPrompt Home is designed more for those who will be reading the script directly from the computer monitor recording voice-overs or video directly from a device like a web-cam. It has all the power of uPrompt Professional without the rotated script and remote monitor support.

Comparison of uPrompt Versions

uPrompt3 Home
uPrompt3 Professional
Multiple Font Sizes
Left Hand Keyboard Controls
Uses any Windows Font
Script Queuing
Imports .txt files
Imports .rtf files
Imports .html files
Visual Speed Indicator
Script Position Indicators
Speed Control Sliders
Built-in Help System
Script Editor
Mirrored Text
Rotated Text
Dual Monitor Support
Price $19.95 $39.95
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